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Past Scientific Meetings

Each year since its inception, the Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Program (BCERP) has held an annual meeting. This meeting consists of a series of business meetings as well as scientific sessions that are open to the public and often include invited advocates, scientists, and public officials.

2014 11th annual Symposium
Hyatt Regency Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA
November 20-21
2013 10th annual Symposium
Monona Terrace Convention Center, Madison, WI
November 7-8
2012 9th annual Symposium
Hilton San Francisco Financial District, San Francisco, CA
November 15-16
2011 8th annual Symposium
Hilton Netherlands Plaza, Cincinnati, OH
November 17-18
2010 7th annual Symposium
Roosevelt Hotel, New York, NY
November 18
2009 6th annual Symposium
Cavallo Point, Sausalito, CA
November 19-20
2008 5th annual Symposium
Wynfrey Hotel, Birmingham, AL
November 12-13
2007 4th annual Symposium
Westin Hotel, Cincinnati, OH
November 8-9
2006 3rd annual Symposium
Claremont Hotel, Berkeley, CA
November 2-3
2005 2nd annual Symposium
Kellogg Center, East Lansing, MI
November 9-11
2004 Emerging Topics in Breast Cancer and the Environment
Doral Forrestal, Princeton, NJ
November 3-4