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The Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Programís (BCERP) Coordinating Center has the central mission of acting as a central repository and clearinghouse for cross-site data from the epidemiologic study of early female development through puberty and into adolescence and is responsible for the entry, cleaning, monitoring, and processing of collected data. The Coordinating Center will also take the lead in organization and communications for the BCERP. The Center will have overall responsibility for organizing meetings and regular conference calls for the BCERP, including annual regular Steering Committee and sub-committee, business, and scientific meetings and meetings to promote interdisciplinary collaborations and transdisciplinary science. A guiding board of advisors, such as a Working Group and External Advisory Board, composed of scientists and breast cancer advocates, will be convened to provide input on opportunities and best practices to the BCERP investigators and outreach experts. NIH Staff will work closely with the Coordinating Center to facilitate administration of the BCERP, as well as a Pilot Project / Opportunity Fund to promote collaborations, community activities, dissemination, and exploitation of emerging findings.

PI: Robert A. Hiatt, MD, PhD, rhiatt@epi.ucsf.edu
University of California San Francisco
R Hiatt
Robert Hiatt
Manager:   Kaya Balke, kaya@bcerp.org
University of California San Francisco