Annual Meeting

November 13-16, 2012
Hilton San Francisco Financial District, San Francisco, CA

sponsored by
AVON Foundation
Speaker Abstracts

Puberty in Contemporary Girls, and Health and Disease in Adult Women.

Frank Biro, MD, on behalf of the Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Programs

This presentation will examine the physical changes that occur with puberty, and how these changes are impacted by earlier development, and, in turn, impact risk of development of adult disease.  There has been an increasing awareness that early life events may impact developmental trajectories and subsequent later health.  The adolescent years have received little attention, despite important behavioral, cognitive, and physical developmental changes that occur during this period.  This presentation will discuss the physical and behavioral changes during the teen years, and detail the interrelationships between the physical changes.  We will include preliminary findings from the Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Programs to provide the most recent data on contemporary puberty.  We will examine how the relative timing of these events are influenced by earlier life events, and then propose mechanisms how the earliest changes, as well as changes occurring during puberty, could impact adult morbidity and mortality, utilizing breast cancer risk as a paradigm.

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